The new Stumpjumper is the ultimate trail bike. Seriously, the damn thing rides like it's on rails. It's the most versatile trail bike Specialized has ever made. And yeah, we're stoked about that, but we're even more excited about how well it's tuned. They've said goodbye to proprietary BS, focused on the rider's needs, and created the new benchmark in trail bikes.

There are three versions of the new Stumpjumper to give every kind of rider the best bike imaginable. The Short Travel (or ST) is snappy and nimble, while the Stumpjumper rides fast and planted. And for anyone that eats and sleeps gravity riding, the EVO is back in all its slacked-out glory.


  • All new FSR chassis delivers 140mm of smooth suspension and unrivaled handling.
  • 29" or 27.5" wheels
  • Available in Women's - specific build and suspension tune


Downhill riding on the new Specialized Stumpjumper.
Riding trails on the new Specialized Stumpjumper.
Hitting jumps on the new Specialized Stumpjumper!


With over two decades of experience with FSR, we refined our proven design. We love it, because FSR allows us to tune every part of the suspension with the least amount of compromises. Bike suspension is a marriage between the frame kinematics and the shock, after all.

Because of this union, we're now able to rely more on the frame kinematics and less on the shock damper to perfect the Stumpjumper's ride quality. The end result? The Stumpjumper is supple over small bumps, yet it possesses a firm mid-stroke and exceptional bottom-out support. This is the suspension that makes the Ultimate Trail Bike.

The new Specialized Stumpjumper equipped with FSR!
The new Specialized Stumpjumper is super customizable.


This is the best mountain bike we've ever made when it comes to customizing it however you want. All of the configurations use standard stroke and eye-to-eye metric shocks, so you won't find Shock Block anywhere. So yeah, if you want to swap shocks—be our guest. You won't have any problems from us or the Stumpjumper. We've also ditched the PF30 bottom bracket of yesteryear in favor of moving back to a threaded BB system, and both 27.5 and 29 frames can fit up to 3.0" tires, now. You'll still want to check with your fork manufacturer to make sure a high-volume tire can fit, but this should be music to everyone's ears.


We're confident that female riders won't get a better tune than what's on offer, here. Female riders are typically lighter, so we adjust the volume, compression, and rebound accordingly for every frame and wheel size. The goal is for the rear shock and fork to perform the same as our men's Rx Tune at lower pressure.

The new Specialized Stumpjumper offers women's Rx Tune!

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