Kid's Bikes - 20-Inch


      There is no greater freedom than the first time you take off on your bike — and with our selection of 20” kid’s bikes, your child gets to experience that joy over and over. These are more than just starter bikes. Each one is a highly reliable fun machine that lets your child build confidence and safely push their own boundaries as they explore the world around them.

      Leave it to the wizards at and Public Bikes to develop the most awesome bikes for growing riders. With low standover heights, plush and rugged tires, and both coaster and hand lever brakes available, your kid will discover the spirit of biking in no time at all. These bikes are capable of handling a variety of different surfaces, from smooth tarmac to natural terrain. Comfortable grips, seats, and geometries combine with eye-catching colors to create a bike that’ll always be calling to them.

      These bikes are perfect for kids aged 5 to 8 and are backed by our Growth Spurt Guarantee, which lets you trade in 50% of the original bikes’ value for a new bike.