Bottoms / Bibs


      Our selection of bibs, shorts, tights, casual bottoms, and skinsuits has everything you need to keep you comfortable during the whole ride. From the stability of your riding position to your wicking and aerodynamics, upgrading the bottom half of your cycling kit is one of the most luxurious upgrades you can make. 

      When speed and pedaling are everything, you can’t beat our cycling shorts and bib shorts. Form-fitting and featuring anatomically molded foam cushioning with maximum breathability, these moisture-shedding shorts are designed to keep you comfortable and irritation-free for full workdays on the saddle. Step things up in the cold season with cycling tights for full-leg coverage. Skinsuits are the perfect tool to turn your body into greased lightning on race day, reducing drag and even throwing in storage pockets on the back. 

      Round off the package with some casual pants, which offer looser comfort and rugged durability against flesh-hungry dirt and tarmac. Put in long hours turning watts into fun with the right bottom wear.

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