Thank You For Your Bike Purchase!

One of the best benefits of buying from Mike’s Bikes is our unique 5-Year Maintenance Plan. For just $300 ($60 a year) you’ll receive five years of unlimited full Comp Tune-Ups. Or for $750, we offer our Pro Maintenance Plan which includes everything in the regular plan PLUS one Pro Tune-up per year. These plans can save you hundreds of dollars, and they ensure your bike will be happy, healthy, and ready to ride whenever you are!

Sold out

Sold out



Covers the labor to change tires, tubes, cables, chains and brake pads purchased from Mike's Bikes. Also, unlimited Comp Tune-Ups which cover all basic maintenance and fine tuning of the bicycle, including:


Inspect frame, fork & components

Adjust bottom bracket

Tighten crank bolts

Tighten chainring bolts

Inspect pedals for wear & tighten

Adjust headset & check stem bolts

Adjust hub bearings front & rear

True & tension wheels

Lube cables & housing

Align derailleur hanger

Adjust brakes

Adjust front derailleur

Adjust rear derailleur

Tighten & final check

E-Bike Firmware Updates

Bike wipe down




Includes everything from the standard Maintenance Plan, plus one Pro Tune-Up per calendar year. A Pro Tune-Up includes all items from the Comp Tune, plus:


Install complete set of cables & housing

Clean frame & components

Clean drivetrain in solvent tank

(including derailleurs, crank & chainrings, cassette, & chain)

Headset bearing overhaul

Bottom bracket overhaul

Bleed disc brakes, front and rear

Install new handlebar tape or grips


What’s Not Covered in Our Maintenance Plans:


  • ANY parts, whatsoever.
  • Labor charge for replacement of parts, other than those itemized above.
  • Installation of accessories.
  • Repair of damage from accidents or crashes.
  • Repair of damage from abuse, neglect, or lack of maintenance.
  • Rebuilding wheels.
  • Any internal tech to suspension forks or rear shocks, other than routine lubrication.

Terms and Conditions:

Mike's Bikes sells, for $300, ($750 for a Pro Plan) a 5 Year Tech Plan sticker which, when affixed to a new bicycle purchased from us, entitles the original purchaser of the bicycle and the Plan to unlimited tech, further description of which follows, for 5 years from the purchase date of the Plan.

The Plan is offered only to customers who have purchased a new bicycle from us within the past 90 days. The Plan may not be offered on bicycles more than 90 days old, and it will never be offered on bicycles not purchased directly from us. Whether or not a Plan is offered on a particular bicycle is at the sole and absolute discretion of the management of Mike's Bikes. We reserve the right to refuse to offer a Plan to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to cancel any Plan for any reason, the only remedy of such cancellation being the refund of the unused portion of the Plan purchase price to the original customer. The Plan does not include an option to renew, and the Plan is not sold for any duration other than 5 years.

The Plan is honored at any of our location. If we add more locations, the Plan will also be valid at those new stores.

The Plan is non-transferable under any circumstance; it is only valid for the original owner of both the bicycle and the Plan. We reserve the right to request the original purchase documentation at any time, and may refuse tech for failure to provide such documentation. The Plan is not transferrable to a different bicycle, other than that bicycle for which the Plan was originally purchased and to which the Plan sticker was originally affixed. Removal or attempted removal of the sticker other than by our staff, immediately VOIDS the Plan, for which no remedy is available. The loss, theft, or destruction of the original bicycle for which the Plan was purchased, and to which the Plan sticker was originally affixed, immediately VOIDS the Plan, for which no remedy is available.

The decision as to whether or not a particular item is covered by the Plan is at the sole and absolute discretion of the management of Mike's Bikes. Bicycles covered by the Plan must be scheduled into the store's tech schedule, in the same manner as those bicycles which are not covered by the Plan. That is, the Plan does not guarantee any particular time frame for completion of techs, and timing of said completion relies heavily on several variables, including the tech department's staff levels, and the number of customers requiring tech at that time.

The 5-Year Maintenance Plan provides you with the peace-of-mind that your new bike will remain in excellent working order for a good long time. Of course, it doesn't mean that you'll NEVER incur any maintenance expense, but it will cut down on that expense considerably. If you ever have questions about the Policy, or need to discuss any aspect of the services we provide, please contact us at (888) 696-BIKE or info@mikesbikes.com.