Bike Helmets


      At Mike's Bike's, we believe the modern bike helmet is doing its job at all times during a ride. It’s keeping you confident. It’s keeping sweat from pouring down your face. It’s cooling you off. All while being simultaneously lightweight and strong enough to offer protection from any potential accidents.

      From road bike helmets for serious road racers to whenever-the-mood-strikes commuters, and mountain bike helmets for downhill bombers to XC lappers, there truly is a bike helmet for every discipline. These bike helmets are miracles of science as much as they are artistic achievements, for underneath every stunning graphic lies intricate engineering, state-of-the-art cooling systems, and space-grade foam capable of absorbing a wide range of impacts. Teams at companies like Giro and Bell are dedicating their careers to keeping you and your skull safe out there — all while being as lightweight and unnoticeable as possible.

      With vents, brow ports, high-wicking fabrics, and tightly-molded shells to keep you comfortable and safe, these bike helmets will take you wherever you want to go and make sure you get home again in one piece.

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