Kid's Bikes - 16-Inch


      For kids between the ages of 3 and 6, there is exactly one goal when it comes to bikes: having fun. We make sure little kids will have the most fun possible on 2 (or even 4) wheels by focusing on cool features and tons of confidence-building rideability. 

      It starts with a frame that’s ready for any adventure a kid wants to go on — from gliding over pavement to experiencing the thrill of riding on natural surfaces like gravel, grass, and dirt. The rubber meets the road with wide, stable tires that absorb impact and provide plenty of traction on all types of surfaces.

      Low standover height means kids can plant their feet down at any time without tipping, and coaster brakes give them an intuitive way to come to a stop when they need to. Give your kid the gift of a lifetime by starting them out on a bike that is responsive, reliable, and fun — and look for our Growth Spurt Guarantee to trade it in for 50% of its value when they outgrow it.