Kid's Bikes - 12-Inch

      Fitting your child with their first bike is truly a memory that will never be forgotten. Mike’s Bikes delivers big on setting up your little ripper with an unforgettable bicycle. Built for safety first, the Giant brand and others provide a myriad of features that will teach your little one all about biking. From coaster brakes for simple stopping to beefy tires that promote confidence and steadiness, our bikes come with tough components that are second to none. Featuring progressive engineering with hi-tech manufacturing, these little bike wonders will make your little one feel like a pro from the get-go. Designed with an innovative geometry that boasts ultra-low standover options, you’ll get a perfect fit that allows your kiddo to find their cycling legs with ease. Built for reliability and easy to use functions, safe stops, and awesome skids, our kid bikes will promote riding poise with buoyance and self-assurance. Aimed at growing with your little cycler, Mike’s Bikes Growth Spurt Guarantee provides upgrade incentives that will keep your beginner biker riding for years to come.