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Go ahead and Google, "What are the Netherlands known for?" and right next to windmills and fields of flower bulbs, you'll see bicycles. Royal Dutch Gazelle was founded in 1892, and it's been confirmed that more Dutch households own a Gazelle bicycle than a motor vehicle.

At Mike's Bikes, we love that every Gazelle e-bike comes with more than 130 years of experience building bikes for daily use. For us, that means a more reliable bike and a better experience for the rider.


Sporty and Fun, these are perfect for commuters looking for a fast and responsive ride.


The do-all series with the fastest motor, biggest batteries, and most features.


The go-to for comfortable cruising with enough utility to knock out most trips close to home.


Gazelle's most comfortable and smart-equipped ebike.


The first Class 3 ebike with Bosch's updated Smart System platform.

Rigorous Testing

During development, Gazelle grinds their bikes to dust, so yours will last for years. They test the bikes for vibration so they don't shake anything loose on bumpy roads. They test for all weather conditions - aging their bikes by spraying corrosive salt water on them for a week at a time. And they work hard to wear out everything, simulating riding for more than 10,000 miles to ensure your bike will last in daily use.

The Smartest Spec

We love Gazelle because of how thoughtfully they consider the components they hang on every bike. You never think of this on #NewBikeDay, but despite the rigorous testing completed by Gazelle, things do wear out! Gazelle works to spec readily available parts from trusted brands like Bosch for electronics and Shimano for their drivetrains so that no matter where you are, you'll be able to keep your bike well maintained and on the roads.

Professional Builds

No matter how well-made a product is, if it's assembled poorly, it will never work! Gazelle's factory ensures quality control of every bike we receive. Starting with a preassembly check to ensure fitment is correct, every Gazelle gets professionally handbuilt wheels and bikes that are checked by a team of technicians before they are packed and shipped to us—buying a bike online? Mike's bikes offer Wheelsmith Gold Label assembly that makes getting your bike in the mail simple and easy to set up at home.

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