Salsa Bikes by the beach.
Salsa Cycles has the perfect kids bikes for any adventure.
Salsa mountain bikes riding around the clifs!
Two mountain bikers riding salsa bikes!

Salsa Cycles

Salsa Cycles, one of our top brands, is leading the way in revolutionary engineering that sets this brand apart from the competition. The USA-based bicycle company has been producing high-quality touring, mountain, and gravel bicycles since the early 80s. Built for progressive riding that can take you down scenic country roads, thick forest paths, or challenging mountain terrain and more, Salsa Bikes deliver accessible adventure unlike any other bike out there. Untamed as the paths you may travel yet refined with precision engineering that puts gravity on your side, Salsa’s geometry ensures you’ll find the perfect speed and breeze on any terrain.

Built for comfort, whether your gravel grinding or bike packing rough topography, Salsa Cycles engineers have conquered terrain response with proven technology that absorbs the ground like melting snow. Guaranteed to shred, rip, or berm with the best, Salsa mountain bikes and road bikes are dialed for the perfect ride on any day.
Salsa Cycles. Adventure by bike.