Riding Rondo bikes on a bridge.
Riding gravel trails on Rondo adventure bicycles.
Gravel rides on Rondo bicycles.
Shredding the gravel trails on Rondo bikes.

The Future is Beyond Tarmac. We live, breath and sleep two wheels. We race each season on and off the road. We ride thousands of km each year. We commute to work on bikes every day. We are not pro racers though. We admire the heritage of the great tours, but we can’t figure out who rides for which team these days.

We started RONDO because we wanted to create bikes for real cyclists, like us, and most probably like you. For people who have no time to waste on talking, and want to get straight to the point. People who love to kick everyone’s ass in the local race, beat their PR on a climb, but also do a relaxed gravel ride with their friends. We started RONDO because we wanted to create bikes, that are beautiful - technically and visually. Bikes that stand out from the crowd. We started RONDO because we wanted to change the way drop bar bikes are perceived both, roadies and mountain bikers. We absolutely love to watch the faces of our road racing friends when they hit the gravel for the first time, absolutely loving it. Or see our MTB buddies gleaming with joy like kids when they get on the drops and go full gas around their local trails.

With 15 years of experience in manufacturing bikes we put together a new team that includes the best industrial and graphic designers, engineers, riders, and experienced business managers.



The Ruut range was born from the need to have a REALLY versatile bike. One that would be comfortable enough for backpacking and long distance riding, but at the same time would retain a clearly sporty character. At Rondo we are all competitive guys - we ride fast, we race - but we don't need a bike for the CX World's. What we want from a drop bar bike is to be able to go long, and go fast, especially on rough roads. So, after over two years of development, we came up with a tool that we believe is the ultimate solution for real-world riders.



Aero design, aggressive geometry, massive tire clearance, lightweight EPS carbon frame, thru axles and disc brakes. Pit bull of the peloton that doesn’t give a shit about the conditions that you race or train in. Aero the hell out of your opponents and kick asses on cobbles, pot-holed B-roads or even the Strade Bianche of Tuscany!



Comfort means speed when longer distances are involved. And comfort was the main goal when designing this ultimate long-distance all-road machine. Stable and confident yet still nimble and engaging, the MUTT bikes are versatile and capable. These are modern touring bikes, which are also a perfect choice for long-distance commuting or comfy backroad adventuring. Load up and get out there.



Load it up and break loose! Designed with input from the bikepacking community, the Bogan was built for some serious exploration. With geometry optimized for stability on rough roads, comfort over distance, and ingenious features inspired by the needs of real-world travelers, it's the perfect tool that can take you to places beyond your imagination. Water bottle mounts located on the inner frame triangle are positioned to optimize the volume of the frame bag and a multitude of other attachment points allow for compatibility with most racks on the market – take anything you need to stay safe and sound on your epic adventure.