Born from a desire to give the rider the best experience possible on trail, the Rise family focuses on tried-and-true trail focused geometry that gives you dirt churning cornering powers at high speed and the precision of a ballet dancer when picking through rocks and roots.

Don’t want to slow down? That’s cool too. 140mm (or 150mm) of trail tuned suspension up front and in the back means that even when you bottom out, you’ll grin ear to ear knowing you’re at the trails limit and you’ll live to ride another day.

Look, this isn’t your grandpappies E-Bike… gone are the days of 20min ride time and in come all day excursions that will leave you saying “I’m SO SORRY, I would have called… but, we didn’t have service.” In partnership with Shimano, Orbea worked to tune the EP8-RS Motor to give you power for any climb and enough battery to try it again and again if you have to dab.


No no, they aren’t identical twins. Feel free to look again. The Rise-M and Rise-H do share a lot of styling but take a closer look and you’ll see a world of difference above AND below the skin.

RISE-M: First off, it’s Carbon.

Designed to be light and fast, the Rise-M features an ultra light carbon frame paired with a light weight 360Wh internal battery. In partnership with Shimano, Orbea provides a proprietary electronic firmware that allows the Rise-M to produce 60nm of power and ensure that the battery will run for ages.

Still want more range? Paired with the Rise Range Extender you’ll have access to even MORE power, 252Wh more to be exact, and bringing the Rise-M to the table with enough juice for a ride of any size.

RISE-H: Surprise, its Aluminum

Hydroformed -- Explanation: pumped up like a balloon with hydraulic fluid allowing the Rise-H tubes to be formed into complex shapes that look like its carbon sibling without sacrificing strength from overworking the aluminum material. Go ahead, google it.  The Rise-H is an all-day and all-night workhorse without adding extra weight. The Painstaking work on the frame means it weighs a scant 7.4lbs (only 100g more than its motorless cohort the analogue Orbea Occam).

Featuring a larger 540wh internal battery and a full power Shimano EP8-RS Motor, the Rise-M is built without holding back. In its eco-mode, it can climb more than 10,000ft of elevation on a single charge or 5,300ft in “BOOST” mode.

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