Tube Valve Extender by Silca

Tube Valve Extender by Silca

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Zipp is proud to partner with Silca to offer a premium valve extender with a stylish innovative design that eliminates annoying rattle between the extender and rim valve hole.

  • 24mm extender gasket removes rattle
  • Machined 6066-T6 aluminum
  • When installed on Zipp butyl tubes with 37mm valves, compatible with Zipp 303, 404 and 808 rims.
  • Compatible with all tubes with removable valve core. Places Presta valve at top of extender for easy access for inflation.
  • 34mm for 32-49mm rim depth including Zipp 303
  • 2g - 45mm for 50-65mm rim depth including Zipp 404
  • 2.7g - 60mm for 66-80mm rim depth including Zipp 808
  • 3.7g - 75mm for 81-95mm rim depth
  • 4.7g - Kit includes two extenders for the bike, one extender for the spare tube.
  • (34mm kit includes one extender tool)