Bodyfit Sleeveless Baselayer
Bodyfit Sleeveless Baselayer

Bodyfit Sleeveless Baselayer

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Never underestimate how much a base layer can affect the performance of a kit. But how? First, it needs to use a cool, soft fabric that prevents chafing. The fabric we use here is made with vertical ribs, to promote the expulsion of heat and minimize contact with the skin. Then, critically, it must work well with the other components of the outfit. In this case we used a mesh fabric on the back to align with the bibs of our bibshorts, to prevent overlaps that can generate heat. The tail of the shirt is the perfect length to keep it in position inside the bibshort without reaching the seat pad, while the upper part is designed to not be visible even under our most racing-oriented jerseys without a collar.


  • Vertical ribs raise fabric away from skin
  • Designed to be compatible with new Sportful jersey collar and bibshort
  • Innovative design