R3000/R3030 Flat Bar Road Shifter Set (9-Speed)

R3000/R3030 Flat Bar Road Shifter Set (9-Speed)

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The Sora range is Shimano’s entry-level road specific components, and provides a great entry riding performance with technology that trickles down from their mid-range products. The SL-R3000 Rapidfire shifter set is compatible with 3x9 speed road drivetrains, and is designed for use with flat-bar bikes. The shifters incorporate Rapidfire Plus shifting technology for quick shifting, and also features Shimano’s 2Way-Release which allows for relief shifts by pull of the index finger or push of the thumb. The optical gear display window makes sure you always know which gear is selected.

  • Sora R3000 Series
  • Rapidfire shifting technology for light and responsive shifts
  • Optical gear display


  • Includes both left/front (SL-R3000-L) and right/rear (SL-R3000-R) shifters
  • For use with Shimano 3x9 speed drivetrains
  • Clamp band mounts to flat handlebars
  • Recommended outer casing: OT-SP41