RapidAir Tire Sealant

RapidAir Tire Sealant


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RapidAir Tire Sealant was custom-designed in tandem with Specialized's new RapidAir tires and Roval wheels to be the fastest tire setup out there.

Through development, they learned that high-pressure, 24-30mm tires require a totally different formula to seal punctures. This new exclusive mixture not only immediately seals punctures up to 3mm across a large range of temperatures, but unlike other sealants, RapidAir sealant will also keep its seal when you reinflate back to normal riding pressure.

  • Seals instantly with minimal pressure lost.
  • Compatible with CO2.
  • Performs in a wide temperature range (-20° – 70°C).
  • Creates the strongest plug after sealing.
  • No damage to bike parts.
  • Recommended sealant amount per tire:
    • Tire size 24-26mm - 40ml
    • 28-30mm - 50ml
    • For Maximum performance, use 60ml for any 24-30mm
  • 2oz/60mL Bottle