2-Position Fork/Shock Remote
2-Position Fork/Shock Remote

2-Position Fork/Shock Remote


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Fox’s 2-Position Remote offers convenient and precise control over your suspension. This remote is compatible with 2018 and newer Fox forks and shocks. It provides 2-position control using a single-pull lever. It’s been reinforced for added integrity, and shortened to provide quick actuation. It can be mounted on the under-side of the bar on the left, or above the bar on the right.

NOTE* This Remote comes with one cable and one mid-housing barrel adjsuter, enough hardware to connect an individual fork or rear shock. If you want to connect both your fork and rear shock, an additional cable and mid-housing barrel adjuster must be purchased separately. The Remote comes slotted for two cables, so it can be used to lockout only the fork or only the rear shock, or both the fork and rear shock together.


  • Compatible suspension Fox 2-position single-bull forks and shocks model year 
  • Mid-Housing Barrel Adjsuter allows you to dial in cable tension to ensure proper performance