RainCover Essential

RainCover Essential

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Rain covers are available for the Urban Arrow Family and Shorty models. For the Family you can take your pick from two rain covers, the Essential and the Plus. All rain covers are compatible with the Urban Arrow Poncho, so not only your kids are well protected.

The Essential is a durable, sturdy and safe cover with all the timeless design features of its predecessor and then some. Usually, you can plan grocery runs and visits with friends in such a way that you can take into account and avoid any upcoming bad weather. Still most parents have other, less flexible drives to make on their bikes. Think school runs, pick-ups and drop-offs at the daycare, sports club or playdates. What if we told you that from now on you won’t have to pay too much heed to the weather forecast anymore? The Raincover Essential will protect your kids from all sorts of precipitation and will allow you to ride confidently in most weather conditions.