Cinturato Gravel H Tire
Cinturato Gravel H Tire
Cinturato Gravel H Tire

Cinturato Gravel H Tire

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The Cinturato™ Gravel H is a gravel-specific tire designed for compact terrain and the hardest surfaces. The tread features low, tightly packed knobs and an elevated ability to adapt to the terrain, offering a large contact area and therefore excellent feeling while riding. The special SpeedGRIP Compound adds features of mechanical resistance and chemical grip, without compromising the rolling efficiency. Cinturato™M Gravel H is a high-performance tire with unique characteristics of grip in all weather conditions, both wet or dry, plus a high level of puncture protection. Cinturato™ Gravel H is compatible with hookless rims according to ETRTO 5bar/73psi max pressure limit


  • The SpeedGRIP Compound is a gravel-specific rubber formulation
    born from the Pirelli experience in the World Rally Championship
    where the performances of speed and grip on and off-road are
    crucial. This chemical formulation rely on the polymer matrix of the
    MTB-specific SmartGRIP Compound while lowering its rolling
    resistance. The gravel application requires good speed and on-off
    road capabilities, for this reason our engineers tweaked the
    compound features towards a better energetic efficiency with a little
    compromise on the grip, the result is a predictable compound with
    solid performances on and off road.
  • Our engineers wisely combined the technologies derived from road-
    specific reinforced casings with the MTB-specific casings to obtain
    our most advanced gravel casing whose performances are obtained
    with the use of special fabric reinforcements and thicker layers of
    rubber in specific areas of the tyre. On the road the majority of
    punctures are caused by the penetration of sharp objects while off-
    road the most common punctures are caused by sidewall cuts, for
    this reason the TechWALL Gravel features a cut-resistant 120tpi
    fabric all over the perimeter of the tyre still offering a supple riding


  • Casing: 120 TPI
  • Anti-Puncture: TechWALL Gravel
  • Compound: SpeedGRIP