Romero Mens Saddle
Romero Mens Saddle
Romero Mens Saddle

Romero Mens Saddle

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The Giant Romero saddle is purpose-designed to give optimal shape, flexibility and comfort for trail and enduro riding. Featuring Side-Flex technology for inner leg comfort, the Romero also utilizes built-in particle padding to enhance shock absorption while retaining base flexibility.


  • All-new Side-Flex technology allows the sides of the saddle base to flex and adapt, reducing abrasion and impact on the inner thigh
  • Side-Wrap technology covers the edge of the saddle with high-elastic padding, providing better side and rear shock absorption when moving on and off the saddle
  • Smooth side cover material provides ease of movement and protection from impact when the inner thigh is contacting the saddle
  • Built-In Particle Flow padding with two particle pockets directly inserted in the padding provides increased shock absorption
  • Lightweight, high-elastic PU foam provides increased comfort and shock absorption
  • Optimized long-nose design, shape and padding provide maximum support and comfort for the inner leg while attacking steep climbs


  • Weight: 325g
  • Rail Material: Steel
  • Rail Size: 7mm
  • Shell: PP
  • Padding: High-Elastic PU + Built-In Particle
  • Width: 138mm
  • Length: 277mm
  • Stack Height: 45mm