Wayside Side-Entry Bottle Cage
Wayside Side-Entry Bottle Cage

Wayside Side-Entry Bottle Cage

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The Blackburn Wayside Side-Entry Water Bottle Cage buys back valuable space. Modern mountain bikes are amazing and have allowed riders to do more than ever. All that fancy suspension and lower stand-over height has put water bottle cage real estate at a premium. With the ability to configure the cage for left or right-side water bottle access, you're able to use a water bottle cage in a tight location that wouldn't work with a conventionally-designed cage.


  • Side entry design is a two-piece system that can be configured for left or right-side access to the water bottle
  • Superb bottle retention to keep your bottle in place over bumpy terrain
  • Standard 65mm center-to-center hole spacing
  • Includes two mounting bolts


  • Mount: Frame
  • Material: Plastic/Composite
  • Application: Side Loading
  • Weight: 45g