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We've all been in a situation where we wished we had more travel - when the trail got a little too steep, the terrain a little too technical, and our talent a little too lacking. At that moment, it's easy to let out a Sly Stallone "Stelllllla" inspired squeal and pray to the dirt gods for more travel, but what about the other 99.5% of the time? Do you wish you were lugging around a bigger bike when the trail rolls along? No.

The Santa Cruz 5010 and Juliana Furtado are designed for the 99.5% of rides when you want a bike that can make the trail better. They prioritize party time over all else with updated geometry and MX wheels that turn every rock on the side of the trail into a perfectly groomed launch pad able to send you into the air with a smile on your face. So even when the terrain drops into a starfish puckering steep shoot, or the baby-heads start turning into toddler-heads, the 5010 and Furtado help keep your weight back and your mind collected.

They are the perfect bike for playtime. The 5010 and Furtado turn any trail into a completely different ride and make you look like you know what you're doing even when you don't.

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A great man once said, "I want to party all the time." Riders of the 5010 and Furtado want to have fun. Sure, you're not above racing your buddies to the car when the last one there buys the first round, but you're less interested in straight-lining a section of trail to find .003s like an enduro racer; you live your life in peripheral vision. Constantly scanning the trail for sneaky lines and could-be jumps.

Maybe there was a time when you dreamed of the rush of whistler's famed A-line and 60ft gaps, but you prefer the moments when popping off a root and transitioning to the other side of the trail set you up for a line that nobody else saw and want to prioritize the nimble handling characteristics that make slow trails feel fun, rather than fast trails feel like the Malinium falcon jumping to hyperspace.


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  • Wheel size: MX Wheels 29" Front / 27.5" Rear
  • Front Travel: 140mm
  • Rear Travel: 130mm
  • Tire Clearance: 29x2.5" Front / 27.5x2.5 Rear
  • Size Range: XS - M
  • Frame material: C or CC Carbon
  • Colors: Matte Aquamarine


The 5010 and Furtado fill a special place in our hearts. They are the type of bike that makes any terrain fun. Big or small, these are the features that help the 5010 and Furtado stand out to us.

Geo tweaks

Updates to the Stack and reach, head tube angle, and seat tube angle helps make more confidence at speed without sacrificing agility.

VPP Suspension

The low mounted VPP suspension design is iconic within the Santa Cruz and Juliana line now, but on a bike designed to make light of any trail, the short 130mm rear end of the 5010 and Furtado feels smooth and nearly bottomless... even when you get in over your head.

MX Wheels

The big 29" front wheel helps you keep your momentum and get over trail obstacles with ease while the tight rear end of the bike makes fast work of technical lines and quick transitions.


Santa Cruz continues refining their line to feature a level of maturity you don't see anywhere else. Even with bikes like the 5010 and Furtado focused on making the trails more fun, they bring composure and utility you wouldn't see from any other brand.

Suspension Tune

Suspension has always been Santa Cruz's bread and butter. Their lower-link VPP design is consistently touted as one of the best riding suspension designs you can buy, and their latest tune has pushed it even further. The 5010 and Furtado (Like the Hightower, Megatower, and Nomad before them) have focused on reducing the bike's antisquat. Antisquat refers to the effect that the pedaling forces have on the suspension, and by reducing those effects, it allows the suspension to better react to small bumps and initiate travel. On a bike like the 5010 or Furtado, this is a massive step forward given the relatively short travel at 130mm; this means it feels much longer and more supple without any downsides.

MX Wheels

Regardless of your size on the 5010 or Furtado, you'll get MX Wheels. Yes, even the XS manages to keep the 29" front wheel. This is because Santa Cruz wanted to focus on making the 5010 and Furtado more capable without affecting the legendary handling of the platform. The larger front wheel helps keep the momentum high, making it easier to carry the front wheel over obstacles in the trail, while the 27.5 rear wheel helps to keep the rear end short and the overall wheelbase tight. In their lines, you'll experience some of the quickest handlings of any Santa Cruz or Juliana bike.

Glove Box Internal Storage

Like the new Megatower and Hightower, the Santa Cruz Glove Box adds internal frame storage for anything you need to carry on the trail. Paired with the Tube Purse and Tool Wallet, all of your stuff will be organized and right where you need it when the time comes.

Rider Specific Chainstays

Santa Cruz has updated many of its models in its family to feature rider-specific chainstays. The idea here is to provide every rider with the same intended experience on the bike. Rather than compromise by developing 1 size rearend and applying it to every size in the range, Santa Cruz has developed a rearend bespoke to every size. This translates to more than 12mm of difference between the smallest and largest sizes and ensures that every rider gets the exact precise handling they would expect from the 5010 or Furtado.


A bike is only as good as its suspension and its geometry. Santa Cruz has always been top of the class for developing bikes that feature geometry tuned to the intended experience. With a focus on keeping the 5010 and Furtado fast and agile, Santa Cruz focuses on keeping the wheelbase relatively short and its frontend sharper. Look below to see the geo chart for a comparison between models.










Head Tube Angle




Seat Tube Angle








Front Center




Rear Center




BB Height




BB Drop




HT Length




Top Tube Length




Standover Height





If you're on the cusp between the recommended height range of two sizes, the absolute best thing is to try to ride them both. At a minimum, check the stack/reach measurements on your current bike and compare it to the new model you are looking at to get an idea of a fit you are already comfortable with. If riding the bike is not an option, consider the following.

The Furtado is available in sizes extra small - medium (XS-M) in a mixed-wheel configuration.

Personal Preference

A larger size frame will be more stable, and will give you more room to move without upsetting the weight-balance of the bike. The larger size will put the front wheel further in front of you, which gives the feeling of security and conversely, it will require more significant body movements when you WANT to shift the weight-bias of the bike. Think hard about your riding style and how active/intuitive you want it to be vs stable and speedy. You'll need to work a bit harder to muscle the larger bike around.

Body Dimension

Not all bodies at a given height are the same. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso than the average person your height, that may push you towards the smaller of the recommended sizes. If you're all torso and arms, most likely you'll want to size up.