Tacx Driver Body for XD and XD-R

Tacx Driver Body for XD and XD-R

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The standard body of the Tacx direct drive trainers, like the NEO Smart and FLUX Smart, is not compatible with all cassettes. That’s why they offer additional bodies suitable for SRAM XD-R and SRAM XD cassettes. To replace these bodies, you’ll need a 5 mm allen key.

  • The SRAM XD-R body is suitable for 11 and 12 speed SRAM XD and SRAM XD-R cassettes.
  • Replacement freehub body compatible with Neo (T2800), Neo 2 (T2850/T2850.60), Flux (T2900), Flux S (T2900S/T2900S.60) and Flux 2 (T2980/T2980.60)
  • Not compatible with- Neo 2T (T2875.60), Flux S (T2900S.60 A), Flux 2 (T2980.60 A), which requires 891051