Come Roll With Us!

Whether you're looking for a casual, guided ride from one of our shops, training for your first century, or seeking to tackle the hills with some fellow hammerheads, we have the group ride for you. Use the three icons below to sort by location, type of ride or day of the week.

A few details:

  • Save time on ride day and digitally sign our group ride waiver: Sign Waiver

  • Also, Roll Time is Roll Time. Please arrive 15 minutes before the time posted below. Don't be that person. We’ll see you out there!


Ride Ride Type Store Day Roll Time Duration Frequency Difficulty Route
Golden Hour Gravel Grinder Shop Ride Sacramento Thursday 5:45PM 1.5-2hrs Weekly  
Tuesday Night MTB Slay the Bay Ride Shop Ride Folsom Tuesday 5:30PM 1.5-2hrs Weekly Route
Tuesday Race Ride Shop Ride Folsom Tuesday 5:15PM 2 hrs Weekly Route
Granite Bay MTB Ride Shop Ride Sacramento Sunday 5:45PM 2 hours On Hiatus Route
L'enfer Du Nord Big 4 Sacramento Wednesday   36.2 miles Weekly Route
Col du Pantoll Big 4 Sausalito Wednesday   26.5 miles Weekly A/B Group
C Group
D(irt) Group
Passo del Diablo Big 4 Walnut Creek Wednesday   28 miles Weekly Route
Tres Altos Big 4 Los Gatos Wednesday   27.5 miles Weekly A Group
B Group