More range.
More refinement.
More fun.


Make sure you let your loved ones know where you're riding because the new Santa Cruz Heckler makes any ride more epic.

More Range: An all-new 720wh battery (up from 504wh in the Heckler 8) paired with the class-leading 85nm Shimano EP8 motor means that the days of "range anxiety" are long behind you. You're free to ride further, faster, and never have to worry if you'll be pushing your dead sled back to the car on empty.

Refinement through and through: Improved suspension kinematics with a new "flip-chip," redesigned passthrough allowing you to choose virtually any aftermarket shock, MX, and 29" wheel options.

All New Santa Cruz Heckler

A more civilized ride. If you want it.

The new Heckler (Heckler 9) is visually a near twin of the first generation; however, the refinement added makes the bike completly different. Since the introduction of the Heckler, the way we have wanted ebikes to ride has changed dramatically.

Originally thought to be heavy, sluggish bikes with a motor duct-taped to them so grandpa could keep up long enough to tell you a story from back when he was in shape, e-bikes have evolved. With new refined geometry, suspension tuned to match the bike's weight, and motors that add "pop" out of corners on the downhills, we've come a long way.

Santa Cruz Heckler VPP Suspension

150mm of VPP Suspension

The Heckler 9's suspension was tuned to allow the rider to choose how they like to ride. The addition of a flip-chip (A reversible keyed insert that raises and lowers the rear linkage) offers two positions; high and low.

HIGH: provides the rider with a more progressive suspension curve that builds up as the suspension moves deeper into its travel. This setting helps hold the bike higher in its travel and creates an excellent platform for all-day riding.

LOW: tuned to provide a liner suspension path, this setting maintains a consistent feel regardless of where the bike is in its travel, meaning that it is predictable and easier to use the bike's full 150mm of rear travel to bottom-out.

MX and 29 Wheel options

For the first time on the Heckler, you can choose between MX (29" front and 27.5" rear) and 29" wheels options.

These bikes are not created equal: and each comes to you with a unique rear end designed to get the most out of the chosen wheel size. Each bike shares the front triangle, but has a different rear triangle and linkage.

29": 460mm chainstay length - This platform is best for riders looking for stability, speed, and the ability to mow over terrain without a second thought to rocks, roots, or even your fallen comrades if they happen to tip over in your warpath.

MX: 445mm Chainstay length - Choose your buzzword here! "Poppy", "Playful", "Catlike". The MX Wheel option keeps the rear end short, allowing the rider to more easily carry the front wheel over obstacles and turn on a dime in even the hardest corners.

Shock Compatibility

If you're like us, you like to fiddle with everything you buy and make it EXACTLY how you want it. The Heckler 9 will now fit virtually any rear shock. From high volume air shocks to coils, anything goes.

Reasons to stay stock: Santa Cruz spec'd it for a reason! Featuring the Rockshox Super Delux Select, Select+, or Ultimate this shock is nearly impossible to set up incorrectly. Go ahead - google it; we'll wait—the best performance without needing a certified technician sitting trailside with you.

Reasons to change: You know why... if this is you, you've already been Youtubin' and Pinkbike foruming till your heart's desire. More tuneable air shocks or more linear coils to help amplify the characteristics of the lower position of the flip-chip, that's what you're here for.

All the technology, none of the hassle.

It feels so common that a product gets technology added for the sake of adding technology. I mean, who needs an LCD screen on their toaster, am I right?

The Heckler gives you technology that adds to your experience and none of the downsides that distract you from the task at hand. Your focus is important afterall; incorrectly setting your toaster might burn some toast, but fussing with your e-bike controls through a rock garden might max out your insurance deductible.

720wh Integrated and removable battery:

Regardless of spec, the Heckler is now equipped with the power of a collapsing star. 720wh is one of the highest capacity batteries around. It's more than enough power for a 2-hour full boost-mode blast on your gnarliest local lap or for hours exploring new terrain.

Shimano EP800 85nm Motor

Full-Power. Get the right amount of assistance to get your workout in, or sit back and enjoy the chairlift. Shimano's EP8 provides all the power you need to ride how you choose. Worried about all this "new-fangled" tech? Nah, Shimano's reliability is second to none. No proprietary tech here that sacrifices reliability for a party trick on the trails, just precisely what you expect every time you start it up.

Easy to navigate digital display.

The Shimano Assist Switch allows for easy operation on the fly between four different power modes: off, eco, trail, and boost, and the easy-to-read digital display provides all the needed ride information from power mode to distance to a lifetime odometer.

Want more adjustability? Connect to Shimano's E-Tube Project App via your smartphone to wirelessly customize your power settings and keep your system up to date with any changes sent out to keep your running smoothly.

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