If you're looking for a go-fast road bike, you probably don't have time to stick around and read our marketing copy, but hey - you're still here.

At Mike's Bikes, we carry a complete line of performance road bikes that'll go fast enough to beat your buddies to the Townline sprint or slow enough to give you an excuse when things don't go your way (kidding, that'll be your fault too.)

Bikes in this category prioritize speed over other features, but that doesn't mean you're getting a one-trick pony. On the contrary, many of today's modern race bikes are comfortable enough to ride every day and are ideal for people who like the fast handling and quick accelerating attitude they offer.

Many of the bikes you'll see here also feature performance features like cockpit integration, aerodynamic frames, and deep carbon wheels. If this is your first time buying a road bike like this, welcome to the future. If you've previously purchased a bike that may have featured some "early adopter challenges" (looking at you early aero bikes and quick-release disc brakes!), REJOICE! The days of ol' have passed... for now.

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