Cruising the city on Public Dutch Style bikes.
Go sight seeing on Public Dutch Style bikes.
Public has great urban bikes for the entire family.

PUBLIC was founded out of admiration for the bicycle culture of Amsterdam, and the straightforward practicality of cycling style. An American take on a Dutch classic, PUBLIC now makes that lifestyle accessible to everyone, all over the world. The entire design-oriented city bike fleet from PUBLIC bikes is now available at all Mike's Bikes locations. Find your match in the models below, or come take one for a spin today at your local Mike's Bikes.


Unlike most other road bikes on the market, the PUBLIC R series bikes are designed for urban utility, with slender alloy fenders to keep you dry in inclement conditions, and front and rear rack mounts for a wide range of cargo carrying options. Narrow 28mm puncture-resistant tires smooth out rough city streets with a quick and nimble ride, and quick release wheels make it especially easy to carry on a roof rack or backseat for recreational rides out of town. The antique brown bar tape and riveted racing saddle, coordinating rims, and cable housing complete the signature PUBLIC design.


Built to endure tough city commuter bike conditions, our lineup of internally-geared bikes come equipped either a 7 or 8 speed hub built with adurable double-wall wheelset with color matching rims. Strong alloy dual pivot brakes ensure fast and safe stopping rain or shine. High quality polished and anodized fenders protect you from road grit and make sure you arrive looking sharp, and the integrated alloy chainguard keeps your clothes clean and dry. You won't have to roll up your pants leg to ride in style for the office or the evening.


Our C Series step-through models are a modern take on an iconic design, and our most popular, most step-through frame city bikes for women and men who appreciate timeless European style. Perfect for everyday commuting as well as casual riding, the charming cream commuter tires offer great puncture-resistance and our signature smooth ride over the roughest of city streets. Its elegant curved frame is handmade of durable, lightweight steel, and the complementing chainguard and full fenders keep your clothes clean and dry in all kinds of conditions. Strong dual-pivot brakes with quick release ensure you'll always have quick, safe stopping power close at hand.


Thoughtful upgrades make the V-Series our sleekest, most city-ready bikes to date. They are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade to a dependable form of urban transportation on a budget. Naturally, all V Series city bikes come standard with all our unique commuter details: full fenders and chainguard to keep your clothes sharp and dry whether you're heading to work or late for a date, and a new negative-rise stem lends a sportier feel, Front and rear rack mounts accommodate a range of cargo carrying options to take the load off your back.


The PUBLIC Sprout kids bikes are our incredibly fun new kids bike for city kids ready to hit the road on their first big kid bicycle. Both the V and C Series come in two sizes, and are modeled off our best-selling diamond and step-though frames, so you child can ride just like mom and dad.


We offer a full range of beautiful, high quality accessories for your PUBLIC bike, including matching racks and storage options, leather grips & saddles, and lights & locks for security.

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