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Nimbl Performance Road Shoes: Pro-Race Proven

The theory; a stiffer shoe that cradles the foot more effectively translates to better power transfer and improved pedaling efficiency. This is where Nimbl shoes excel - the stiffest and lightest platform on the market.

Since 2019, Nimbl has gained recognition and popularity among professional riders and cycling enthusiasts alike and, since 2023, have provided shoes for Team Visma–Lease a Bike. Every shoe is handcrafted in Italy, with a focus on high performance, durability, and comfort, using advanced materials like carbon shells and microfiber. Lightweight yet durable, Nimbl shoes are engineered to provide unmatched power transfer and maintain the ideal foot position. These features make them perfect for demanding riders under any conditions.

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Power Transfer & Pedaling Efficiency

Nimble stands out with their superior power transfer and pedaling efficiency, setting them apart from the competition. The exceptional performance results from the ultra-stiff carbon platform, the low stack height between the foot and pedal, and a unique assembly method. These features ensure that the rider immediately feels the power transfer as soon as they start pedaling—it's a big part of why the pros are quickly adopting the brand. Additionally, the custom carbon sole wraps around the foot, creating a larger surface area for power transfer and help keep the foot stable during each pedal stroke.

Lightweight & Durable

Nimble has prioritized performance and durability rather than just keeping things light. At the core of each shoe is a unique carbon shell that uses more material than the typical flat carbon sole, ensuring they last longer and perform better. The uppers are made from 1.2 mm thick microfiber, thicker than usual to boost durability without sacrificing too much on weight—the result is most models weigh in at under 200 grams.

Comfort & Fit

Every model is designed with comfort in mind. The custom-shaped carbon shell keeps your foot snug, reducing the need for extra padding, while the soft microfiber liner repels moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry even with minimal foam. They're quick to dry and a breeze to clean, too. Plus, every model features a roomy toe box that's perfect for when your feet swell in the heat, and with an ultra-low stack height of just 2mm, you get a super direct feel on the pedals, boosting your pedaling efficiency. Oh, and did we mention it? Every pair of shoes is handcrafted in Italy.

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