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SRAM's latest generation of the RED AXS road drivetrain has arrived.

Since SRAM RED's introduction in 2007, they've taken some big swings at changing how road bike drivetrains function. They introduced the remarkable (and polarizing) double tap mechanical shifting that allowed the rider to control up and downshifts with a single lever and, most notably to the newest generation, introduced the world to wireless shifting with eTap.

SRAM's newest RED Groupset is a testament to their unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. It boasts of being the lightest electronic groupset in the market and is designed to improve both shifting and brake performance. This impressive engineering achievement serves as a clear indication of SRAM's dedication to making the best even better.

Better Shifting

Since the drivetrain exists to ensure you can shift between gears, improving the quality of those gear changes is an excellent place to focus on upgrades. With the new RED, SRAM has focused on improving the speed of the front shifting. By narrowing the front derailleur cage and reshaping the outer plate, they have made for quicker engagement and more contact with the chain during shifts

To address any noise from the new tighter tolerances, they have also improved their auto-trim and YAW functions by having the front and rear derailleurs communicate to make sure that even in major cross-chain positions, the front derailleur is aligned with the chain's direction—you can run your big front chainring and your largest rear cog without the slightest hint of chain noise. What a time to be alive!!

Reduced Weight

SRAM claims that RED is now the lightest-weight groupset you can buy. From the already very light previous generation, they've dropped almost 150g (or about the same weight as a front derailleur). For us, this means we're seeing real race-ready bikes (nothing crazy done to cut weight) built to sub 15 lbs—something we haven't seen since the introduction of disc brakes. 

But the innovation doesn't stop at weight reduction. SRAM's RED groupset also offers an incredible gear range. With a 10-36t cassette and a 1x front chain ring, you can eliminate the need for a front derailleur, saving almost a full 1lb from the previous generation's 2x setup. And the best part? You can maintain nearly the entire gear range. This has been put to the test in high-stakes races like the Tour de France, where teams like Visma Lease-a-Bike have reaped the benefits in the high mountains.

Better Braking & Ergonomics

The most common complaint riders have had about RED compared to Shimano and Campagnolo is that the hoods are too big and bulbous. SRAM has certainly responded with a new update that not only addresses the ergonomic complaint but also catapults them into the competition for the most aesthetically pleasing bike component on your bike.

The new RED AXS brake levers smartly shift the position of the hydraulic master cylinder from its previous vertical position above the brake lever to a completely new horizontal position hidden within the brake hood's body. This change not only reduces the size of the hood, allowing for a more secure grip, but also increases the volume of the cylinder, leading to superior braking modulation. Furthermore, SRAM has repositioned the pivot point for the brake lever as high on the hood as possible, boosting your leverage from the hoods by a claimed 80% and from the drops by 30%. This means that no matter the intensity of your braking, you can efficiently manage it with just one finger, giving you a greater sense of control.