Kid's Bikes - Balance Bikes

      Are you looking for a bicycle that grows with your kiddo? Mike’s Bikes Growth Spurt Guarantee is one-of-a-kind in the cycling industry and offers upgrade incentives that are second to none. Showcasing trailblazing brands such as Public Bikes, Giant, and more, the sizing starts at 12” and up, and includes revolutionary Balance Bikes that are second to none. You can choose a variety of choices that prevent crashes as well as bikes that move outside of gravity for safety and learning purposes. Featuring lightweight components with real forks and rims for a better ride, these styles provide hand-painted finishes that are long-lasting. Engineered to ensure comfort and rider efficiency, these state-of-the-art bikes feature improved geometry that truly makes a difference in your child’s learning process. With adjustable options and functional handlebar heights, your child will soon become a pro with ease.