The all-new Cannondale Synapse.

A bike for all roads.

At its core, the Synapse has always been the bike you SHOULD be riding. A blend of comfort and speed that doesn’t beat you up, no matter how bad the pavement. It covers miles with ease and carves corners with that good ol’ – whoosh – noise that lets you know you're right where you want to be.

The ALL-NEW 2022 Cannondale Synapse is still that, but so much more.


On every ride, SmartSense has your back. Just snap the power pack into the cradle, and roll out, knowing its intelligent system of lights and rear-facing radar is making you more visible, and more aware of what’s around you. SmartSense is cycling tech that’s easy to live with.

Lights where you need it.

With front and rear integrated lighting by Lezyne, you’ll always be seen. Setting built in for day, night, and everything in between - the Synapse helps call attention to you so you can always have a safer ride.

Eyes in the back of your head.

Superpowers? No. Smartsense integrates a Garmin sensor into the Synapse’s taillight to make sure you always know what's coming. It can warn you when a car is approaching allowing you time to maneuver without ever turning your head.

A single source.

Your front light, your rear light, your powermeter, your computer… the list goes on. A single battery now powers the entire system making it easy to alway have power without the need to take light off and on or re adjust your angles.