The Best Indoor/At-Home Trainers

Keeping your biking legs up during times of uninspiring weather is the best way to avoid playing catch-up when the weather turns nice again. Traditionally, we relied on exercise “bikes” that barely qualified as such — bulky, heavy machinery that resembled our own bikes so little that getting back on our saddles felt like being reborn.

Fast forward to today. We now have the sleekest, most high-tech trainers and rollers available. Long gone are the days of requiring a massive exercise bike. You can now bring your beloved two-wheeled companion inside, hook it onto your trainer, and clock miles on it. 

Here are some of our favorite trainers on the market:

NEO 2T Smart Trainer

The NEO 2T Smart trainer is one of the quietest and most user-friendly trainers ever made. Its smart direct drive creates a more authentic feel to get you through the weeks of being apart from real riding, with hyper-realistic sprints and climbs thanks to redesigned magnets. 

The first upgrade is the overall stillness of the NEO 2T. Vibrations and internal noise have been all but eliminated. More power means greater possible resistance during climbs and accelerations. A capacitive sensor detects the positions of your legs, feeding this data continuously into the standard ANT+ Cycling dynamics program to analyze your pedal stroke in third-party apps. 

Get precise readouts on your power for accurate benchmarking — all without the need for calibration. In other words, take your indoor training to the level you always wished it could achieve.

KICKR CORE Power Trainer

With virtually silent operation and a maximally realistic riding experience, the KICKR CORE Power Trainer leverages flywheel technology to create a smooth, durable performance that’s perfect for any indoor space. 

Give it hell — it can handle it. With thru-axle compatibility and professional-grade durability, the KICKR CORE is ready to handle your finish line sprints and uphill slogs. Wahoo’s advanced algorithms and ±2% power accuracy feed data into its plethora of compatible training algorithms, including Trainerroad and Zwift.

Controlled resistance provides reliable grade simulation of up to 16%, while compatibility with KICKR Climb, Headwind, ELEMNT Bike computers, and others give you maximum flexibility to customize your training experience. 

Flow Smart Trainer

Coming in at a lower price point is the Flow Smart Trainer, an advanced magnetic training system that punches well above its weight class. With all the features you’ve come to expect from trainers, this workhorse provides a fully interactive ride that outputs detailed data to training apps like Trainerroad, Tacx, and Zwift. 

Users love its wheel-on design, which makes it supremely easy to store and setup. And with a maximum power of 800 Watts and up to 6% incline, you’ll get your heart rate thumping to prepare you for the first spell of good weather in the spring. 

Its stable, durable platform reduces vibrations and makes it perfect for small spaces like the office or a workout room. Stay on your bike year-round on one of the most comfortable training platforms out there.

Check Out Our Other Trainers

Our selection of trainers and rollers gives you the flexibility you need to customize your workout. Stay on top of your fitness and keep those biking legs spinning. 

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