Must-Have Accessories When Riding

Certain things you just don’t leave home — or the parking lot — without. Sure, you’ve got your glorious steed all greased up and ready to tackle some serious miles, but there are certain things so fundamental to riding that you truly can’t do without them.

These are those things:

1. Hydration

Your body is around 60% water. And you’re about to go panting and sweating it away as you tackle your favorite ride spot. That’s why a top priority must be making sure you have adequate water on your rides.

Luckily that’s easy, thanks to an abundance of great hydration gear. The hardcore minimalist will still opt for water bottles, which still persist to this day thanks to their simplicity and reliability — not to mention the bit of colorful flair they add to your ride. Keep multiple bottles on your bike with the right cages.

And for those of you who fancy the idea of chugging more water and without ever having to let go of the handlebars, check out how wildly versatile hydration packs and bags have become.

2. Electronics

Add some bleep-bloop to this most analog of activities with state-of-the-art, lightweight technologies designed to keep you on track, in shape, and vibing no matter what style riding you choose.

Track your ride maps, heart rate, calorie burn, altitude, and much more with cyclo-computers. Or keep a GPS in wristwatch or handlebar-mount form to make sure you never waste time getting lost (except when that’s what you’re going for!). Keep the tunes rolling with sweat-resistant headphones, and tie it all together with parts and accessories.

3. Storage and travel

Sooner or later, you’re going to want to bring your bike with you by car. Instead of folding all the seats and removing the front wheel, why not just store it securely outside your vehicle with a car rack? Putting a bike rack on your vehicle saves you time that could be spent riding. Case closed.

And whether you’re commuting, bikepacking, or just getting around town, it’s nice to be able to take stuff with you. That’s where our bags and panniers come in. These storage wizards also increase visibility and protect your valuables from the elements. Or you can go the old classic route and put a basket on your bike for style points (and even more cubic footage).

4. Safety and security

Staying noticeable to cars is, well, a matter of life and death. So don’t skimp on lights, which let you ride at night and ensure passing vehicles can see you — not to mention mirrors, which let you see them. Throw a bell on your handlebars to signal to other bikers or pedestrians that you’re approaching.

Finally, make sure the two-wheeled love of your life doesn’t get snatched by some nefarious ill-doer with the ultimate theft-resistance: a bike lock.

5. Health and recovery

Keep up your energy for those long hauls with energy bars, gels and chewables, and drinks. Packed with electrolytes, energy, and delicious flavors, these essential goodies not only help you make it to the end of the ride, but they make sure your body recovers quickly afterward. Combine with supplements to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients to build muscle and stay healthy.

And though bikers are the most attractive people on earth, they sport the most unattractive burn lines. Wear sunscreen, kids.

6. Trailers and strollers

Having kids shouldn't stop you from enjoying a bike ride, especially when you can take them along.

Tow-behind child trailers keep you sane and active through parenthood, and they expose your kids to the joys of roaming the world on two wheels. Check out tons of different options from Thule and more. Pro tip: these also make great cargo trailers.

7. Trainers and rollers

Finally, don’t let bad weather keep you off your cycling legs. From the simplest setups to the fanciest ride simulators, trainers and rollers keep you working hard and building muscle even when the world outside tries to stop you. And with huge advances in technology, these tools make your parents’ exercise bike look like stone-age gear.

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