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This is the upgraded, rain-resistant version of Xtracycles classic FreeLoader cargo bags. The X2 adds a large coated inner pocket while keeping the carry-it-all flap that made the FreeLoader famous and the removable Rain Lid to keep rain out of the bag. The X2 bags are approximately 24" long x 6" wide x 12" deep. Note that their overall carrying capacity, however, is much greater, since they have a deployable sling that can be used for larger, bulkier loads. The X2 also includes a replaceable ScratchPad, a hard plastic sheet to protect the inside of the bag from the ends of your quick release or disk brakes. Includes: X2 bags, one ScratchPad per bag. Lids Included. X2 Cargo Bike Bag Installation Manual Note about installation: Unlike the FreeLoader bags, the V-racks do not need to be removed to install these bags as they are installed with a series of straps and oval rings. COMPATIBILITY What Xtracycle Bags Are They Compatible With: The X2 bag set is NOT compatible with the X3 CargoBay, Hi-Viz Lid, SlingSet or WheelSkirts.