Lower Leg Starter Set

Lower Leg Starter Set

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The TP Lower Leg Starter Set gives you all the essential tools for managing aches and pains of the lower leg, and the rest of the body.

This set is a must-have for multi-sport athletes who suffer from aches and pains in the feet, achilles tendon, shins, and other muscles throughout the lower leg.

The TP Massage Ball assists you in managing minor aches and pains by applying pressure to the muscle. It is particularly great for the calves, piriformis, neck, shoulders, back, and chest but can be used anywhere.

The TP Footballer allows you to to completely roll out the muscles of your lower legs. It feels similar to a human hand, allowing you to manipulate your muscles similarly to the way your massage therapist would, but on your own and hands free.

The Baller Block raises the TP Footballer or TP Massage ball up off the floor to give you an effective angle for working the back of the calf.


  • TP Massage Ball
  • TP Footballer
  • Baller Block