Tempo Solo (3-Speed)

Tempo Solo (3-Speed)


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Enjoy the Creme styling ethos in a modern, low-key variation. Their Tempo Solo is elegant, understated, functional and fast. The riding position focuses on speed and efficiency, while the steel frame and aluminum wheels have a silky smooth ride. SRAM provides 3 speeds and there are powerful linear-pull brakes, so you'll tackle the hills in style. On top of that, you will see that all details, from the decals right down to the nuts and bolts, have a form and function that has been carefully thought out. And like all Creme Cycles, the Tempo Solo is handmade and designed in Poland.

· Lugged, Chromoly Steel Frames:

Lightweight chromoly steel tubing mated with socket-like sleeves, called lugs, take a high level of craftsmanship that results in a better aesthetic and better overall ride.

· Hand Painted:

Designed to thrive in urban environments, our bikes are hand painted in Europe with not one, not two, but three layers. Thick paint goes a long way to protect the finish of your bike from the elements.

· Lightweight Wheels:

Alloy or alloy anodized rims, quality branded tires, and stainless-steel spokes are durable and lightweight, helping you climb up hills with ease.

· Low Maintenance Internal Hub:

The internal gear hub protects the gears from the elements and leads to less wear and tear. There are no misalignment issues when shifting causing your gears to ‘crunch’. Tune ups are as easy as aligning two dots, meaning you can do minor adjustments yourself.

*In the bicycle industry, suppliers and factories sometimes change specs without notice and state that they are "subject to change without notice". This is because bicycles are made from hundreds of parts which come from dozens of vendors. Parts are sometimes updated to the most current production generation/iteration one gets better or more current parts or a comparable part. Product specifications are subject to change without notice.