RED eTap Rear Derailleur (11-Speed)
RED eTap Rear Derailleur (11-Speed)

RED eTap Rear Derailleur (11-Speed)

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The SRAM RED eTap rear derailleur executes shifts the moment you demand it, with military precision. Wirelessly. It’s easy to set up, clean in appearance and delightfully uncomplicated. Mechanical necessities such as a carbon pulley cage, ceramic pulley bearings, and high polished alloy artfully blend with proprietary electronic advancements to deliver a 239g* shifting wonder. *including battery 


  • Maximum 28t cassette capacity. 
  • Compatible with SRAM RED® eTap shift/brake controls
  • SRAM 11-speed compatible, 28t maximum capacity
  • SRAM RED® eTap shifting logic
  • Wireless connection via AIREA™ network for fast and clean installation
  • Exact Actuation™ provides precise gear selections
  • Designed to work with SRAM PowerGlide™ and PowerdomeX™ cassettes 
  • AIREA™: Utilizing 128-bit encryption, eTap® shift signals are transmitted and received in accordance with SRAM’s proprietary wireless protocol known as AIREA. Each time an eTap groupset is paired, a new encryption code is generated and assigned to the components in this group to ensure complete shifting security.
  • eTAP: All of the underlying tech in our new SRAM RED® eTap groupset such as wireless shifting, advanced battery power management and mechatronics technologies are all meant to serve one ultimate purpose, to facilitate the most intuitive and consistent shifting available. This shift logic is called eTap. Right lever makes it harder, left lever makes it easier, both levers shift the front derailleur. Simple, unmistakable, and intuitive.

  • SPEEDS: 11-speed
  • WEIGHT: 239g (short cage with battery)
  • OUTER CAGE: Carbon
  • COMPATIBILITY: SRAM RED® eTap, PowerdomeX™ & PowerGlide™ Cassettes
  • INNER CAGE: Carbon (Short)
  • MAX TOOTH: 28
  • PULLEYS: Ceramic
  • PULL: Exact Actuation