DB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake

DB5 Hydraulic Disc Brake


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Ride bigger, steeper, and harder knowing SRAM's DB5 Disc Brake is underneath you, ready to reel in the speed with the flick of a finger. The DB5 hits the sweet spot for control and power on your mountain bike. Borrowing technology like DirectLink and a reshaped bladder from its big brother Guide, great modulation and pinpoint stops are assured. With simple setup and excellent performance, the DB5 is ready for the trail.


  • Tooled Reach Adjust
  • Piggyback Reservoir
  • MatchMaker X compatible


Weight 410g
Lever Material Aluminum
Caliper Design 2-piston caliper
Pad Steel-backed Organic
Fluid DOT 5.1
Mount Ambidextrous
Adjustment Tooled Reach Adjust, Banjo Adjust
Technology Highlight(s) DIrectLink™, PURE™ Bladder, TPC™ Plus