Fiandre Pro Jacket
Fiandre Pro Jacket

Fiandre Pro Jacket

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One of the defining features of Sportful is that when they release premier gear, it’s not merely a trickle-down effort inspired by pros, it’s pro gear used in some of your favorite races. No gimmicks or cost-saving omissions, just real, top-quality gear. And the Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket is such an example and is designed to warm you through some of the most inclement weather on your calendar. The Fiandre Pro is rated to protect on rides down to 41-degrees F and nearly maxes out the scales on insulation, water, and wind protection, as well as breathability. You’ll soon find out how the pros can tolerate torrential and frigid conditions without losing their competitive nature.

Sportful uses Polartech NeoShell fabric throughout the Fiandre Pro for its versatile resistance to foul weather and its form-fitted stretch. To ensure complete water-sealing once you zip up the front, Sportful fully tapes the seams and waterproofs the zipper, so you’ll be rolling along in a personal, dry, microclimate — perhaps even comfortable enough to enjoy the weather around you. Standard pockets are out back for provisions and bonk-protection, while a rear reflective panel illuminates you between windshield raindrops and deep into the fog layer.

  • Pro-level jacket for cold, windy, and raining training and racing
  • Stretch fabric fits naturally to the body and provides hours of comfort
  • Water and wind resistant fabric protects on rides in near freezing temperatures
  • Fully-taped seams and zipper for ultimate protection