L05A-RF Disc Brake Pads

L05A-RF Disc Brake Pads

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Shimano L05A Disc Brake Pads


  • Provides 50% more wear resistance than previous model (L03-RF)
  • Alloy radiator cooling fins increase pad life and reduce brake fade
  • Compatible with Shimano models: BR-M8110, BR-M7110, BR-R9170, BR-R8070, BR-R7070, BR-4770, BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305, BR-U5000, BR-RX810, BR-RX400
  • Alloy back plate


  • Heat Sink: Yes
  • Pad Shape Number: 60
  • Backing Plate Material: Aluminum
  • Compound: Resin