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A ristretto coffee is an espresso that has been brewed with more intensity and, like Creme Cycles' Ristretto, it delivers that extra kick. This bicycle, built around a full chromoly lugged frame is a performance-orientated urban bike. It's a professional traffic-jam buster with a tight form and style with plenty of high-end technology. The bicycle comes complete with front and rear racks, fenders, fast tires, high-tech components, disc brakes and a Shimano Alfine 8-speed drivetrain. It's ideal for those who enjoy zippy commuting and everyday rides in all weather conditions. The Ristretto seamlessly blends classic form and style with the latest technology, like its German dynamo-powered lighting system. And like all Creme Cycles, it's handmade and designed in Poland.

· Lugged, Chromoly Steel Frames:

Lightweight chromoly steel tubing mated with socket-like sleeves, called lugs, take a high level of craftsmanship that results in a better aesthetic and better overall ride.

· Hand Painted:

Designed to thrive in urban environments, our bikes are hand painted in Europe with not one, not two, but three layers. Thick paint goes a long way to protect the finish of your bike from the elements.

· Leather Washers:

Quality down to the most minute detail, leather washers silence your ride over bumps and elevate the look of the bike’s mudguards, fenders, and chain covers.

· Lightweight Wheels:

Alloy or alloy anodized rims, quality branded tires, and stainless-steel spokes are durable and lightweight, helping you climb up hills with ease.

· Custom Pedal Cages:

Standard cages tear up the everyday shoes of commuters, so we designed new ones to be used by shoes as delicate as ballerina slides.

· Low Maintenance Internal Hub:

The internal gear hub protects the gears from the elements and leads to less wear and tear. There are no misalignment issues when shifting causing your gears to ‘crunch’. Tune ups are as easy as aligning two dots, meaning you can do minor adjustments yourself.

· Built in Lighting:

Pre-accessorized to illuminate your ride, lights are built into the rack and fender.