Aqua Rack II Dual Bottle Cage With Co2 Mount

Aqua Rack II Dual Bottle Cage With Co2 Mount


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Double your hydration intake on a long bike ride by dual-wielding your water bottles. The all-new Aquarack II Dual Bottle Cage by Profile Design can hold two water bottles — as well as a mount for your CO2. Maximize your efficiency with the mount born to perform.

This two-bottle rear mount hydration system completely changes the game. Included with clamps that mount to standard round diameter bicycle seat posts, you can easily attach this hydration station to posts measuring 31.6mm or 27.2mm. Affix two CO2 cartridges with the included brackets, giving you more storage for any other essentials.

The Profile Design Aquarack II Dual Bottle Cage has a new reinforced design for ultimate durability while on the road or trail. And because it attaches to your seat post, it's high enough to avoid any mud or puddle splashes that intend to infiltrate the integrity of your water.


  • Rear mounted hydration system holds two bottles and attaches directly to the seatpost for easy hydration on the go.
  • Full angular adjustment allows bottles to be rotated
  • Brackets included to mount two Co2 cartridges
  • Fits 31.6mm to 27.2mm seatpost with shims (included)
  • Includes two cages and 6061-T6 Aluminum clamp and extension