Molly 3 Speed
Molly 3 Speed
Molly 3 Speed
Molly 3 Speed
Molly 3 Speed
Creme Cycles

Molly 3 Speed

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So you love the Dutch city-bike style yet want a lighter bike that's easy to carry up and down stairs? This is where Creme Cycles' Molly comes in. The use of lightweight 26-inch aluminum wheels results in less heft and a more compact overall package. And with the unmistakable Creme style and a relaxed, upright riding position, this girl is bound to be a star. Plus, like all Creme Cycles, it's handmade and designed in Poland.

· Hand Painted:

Designed to thrive in urban environments, our bikes are hand painted in Europe with not one, not two, but three layers. Thick paint goes a long way to protect the finish of your bike from the elements.

· Custom Grips:

High density silicone grips are vibration dampening so you can better enjoy your ride.

· Leather Washers:

Quality down to the most minute detail, leather washers silence your ride over bumps and elevate the look of the bike’s mudguards, fenders, and chain covers.

· Lightweight Wheels:

Alloy or alloy anodized rims, quality branded tires, and stainless-steel spokes are durable and lightweight, helping you climb up hills with ease.