Assegai 3C MaxxGrip WT DH Tire
Assegai 3C MaxxGrip WT DH Tire

Assegai 3C MaxxGrip WT DH Tire


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The Assegai tire is designed primarily for downhill racing and aggressive trail riding in mixed conditions. The knob height falls between the Minion DHR II and the Shorty. Like the Minion tires, the center knobs are heavily ramped on the leading edge to reduce rolling resistance. A small knob located between the center tread and side knobs provides a smooth transition while cornering. The Assegai offers predictable traction, even over slippery roots and rocks.


  • 3C MaxxGrip Compound: Uses the stickiest, slowest rebounding rubber we offer in a mountain bike tire. 
  • Wide Trail (WT) Construction: optimizes the tire’s tread layout and profile on today’s modern, wider rims. Traditional tires are designed around older, narrower rims and can create an overly square tire profile, leading to less than optimal performance. WT tires are optimized for a 35mm inner rim width but are proven to work over a range from 30-35mm inner rim widths, depending on the rider’s preference.
  • Downhill (DH) Casing: Designed for extreme use in all gravity applications from downhill racing to bike park riding to free riding to long travel e-bikes. A Maxxis Downhill tire is made with two layers of our durable 60 TPI casing material along with a large butyl rubber insert that extends from each bead into the sidewall. The butyl insert helps prevent pinch flats, protects the rim from impacts, and provides additional sidewall stability.


  • Labeled Size: 29 x 2.5
  • Color: Black
  • Tire Type: Tubeless Ready Clincher
  • TPI: 60tpi
  • Weight: 1401g
  • Tire Bead: Folding
  • Tire Diameter: 29"