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GS SL Bib Short

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Capo's GS SL Bib Short is identical to the GS Bib Short with one critical difference. Speed Luminescence. This means the 7cm bands across the bottom of the short are now reflective, increasing visibility and safety. The understated look is designed to matchup with Capo's GS SL jerseys, but is subtle and flexible enough to wear with other tops. The biggest difference is the seamless, bonded harness at the top of the bibs. Laser-cut, two pieces of Lycra, wrap around the shoulders. It limits stretch, while the eyelet mesh between the harness and the bottoms, both front and back move more freely. The two segments of the upper mean that while the bibs aren't going anywhere, the are adjusting with you as you move from the tops to the drops, from the saddle to standing. The bottoms combine two different Lycra's. The main material, the front and rear panels, is 220g High Gauge Compression Power Lycra. The side panels are sublimated 240g HGC Power Lycra. Stretchy, compressive, durable. The Luminescence bands at the leg bottoms are 7cm wide, for a firm yet comfy grip on your pistons. And they reflect light beamed onto them, making it easier to be seen in low light conditions. The pad is EIT's latest and greatest. The Anatomic CS. It's a stretchy, wicking multi-density pad. The padding blocks start at 2mm thick and go up to 11mm in high-pressure areas. It's channeled down the middle to make sure the padding isn't mushy. There wicking top has been laser cut out of the ischial regions in favor of an even thinner layer of wicking microfiber, to better evacuate sweat and to better stick to your bottom. The Capo GS SL Bib Short is the high-speed, all-day, grind out the distance bottom.