Empire SLX Shoes

Empire SLX Shoes

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Giros has perfected the ideal lightweight cycling shoe with the Empire SLX that is guaranteed to impact your performance. Weighing in at just 185G’s, this cutting-edge shoe delivers incomparable comfort and agility.

Crafted to retain unflinching structural support, this shoe showcases a one-piece, ultralight monofilament “Synchwire” mesh upper that’s integrated around the laced closure. This design feature allows for a snug fit that’s super comfortable yet breathable. For added luxury, the microfiber upper laces are designed to be resilient while holding a knot with precision stability. From the thermal welded Teijin® TPU to the high-modulus Easton® EC90™ SLX2 carbon fiber plate, you’ll get a concentrated stiffness that translates to impressive and exciting power transfer.

Designed with the capability to customize your arch support, the adjustable supernatural fit footbed system delivers big on efficient pedaling. Showcasing titanium hardware and replaceable heel pads, this high-performance, unisex cycling shoe comes with a convenient travel bag.