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Euro 200 Wool Sock

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If you wear thin cycling socks in the summer, and have a close-fitting shoe, it makes sense to stick with thin thermal cycling socks in the winter. That’s what Capo has created with their Euro 200 Wool Socks.

They start with Merino wool thread. They weave the socks on a 200-needle machine to create a sock that is thin and compressive, with reinforced toe and heel, solid bottom, arch band wrapping the middle of your foot, and a dense mesh for the leg. The sock is 15cm tall when measured from the ankle, and has a single-layer cuff.

This is much warmer than a Coolmax or Meryl Skinlife sock, but with the same thickness. It fits your feet and shoes without causing you to feel overstuffed, or have the sock compress while you ride.

The Capo Euro 200 Wool Socks are black with a yellow stripe and yellow Capo highlights.