Vinyl Solo
Vinyl Solo

Vinyl Solo

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Harkening back to the track bikes of old, Creme's Vinyl Solo gets you through the city in style. It's a professional traffic-jam buster with a tight form and style with plenty of high-end technology. The clean lines, the simplicity of riding fixed, it all adds up to a sublime ride. The rear hub is convertible, so you can run fixed or flip it to coast. The brake cable guides are also removable, so if you want to go brakeless, there nothing but smooth tubes ahead. And like all Creme Cycles, it's designed and handmade in Europe.

· Lugged Steel Frames:

Steel tubing mated with socket-like sleeves, called lugs, take a high level of craftsmanship that results in a better aesthetic and better overall ride.

· Hand Painted:

Designed to thrive in urban environments, our bikes are hand painted in Europe with not one, not two, but three layers. Thick paint goes a long way to protect the finish of your bike from the elements.

· Lightweight Wheels:

Alloy or alloy anodized rims, quality branded tires, and stainless-steel spokes are durable and lightweight, helping you climb up hills with ease.