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Any sophisticated kid knows which bike is cool - it's the one that mom and dad has! The Mia is just that - a scaled-down Creme bike with all the style that makes the grown-up bikes so special. And it's not just about the looks. The Mia is light as possible and the geometry has been carefully developed to make sure that little riders can ride efficiently and are comfortable and stable - a factor that is often overlooked. We know these bikes are really awesome because our own kids ride them!

And forget the noisy training wheels! There is no better way to teach your kids to ride than to put them on a balance bike. Most children can start scooting around within a few hours, and the sense of balance they acquire will make it easy for them to step up to pedal bikes later. The Mia is uber cute and even comes with a minature wicker basket. It has adjustable seat and handlebar height that will let the bike grow with your child.

Suitable for kids approx. 34.5 - 41 inches tall (Recommended 2-4 years old).

· Light-Weight Components

Light-weight frame, fork, and rims that results in a better overall ride.

· Hand Painted:

Superb paint with powder clear coat is used for great looks and durability and is designed to thrive in an urban environment.

· Improved Geometry:

Geometry carefully designed and developed to maximize comfort and efficiency.