Copenhagen Wheel - Single Speed

Copenhagen Wheel - Single Speed

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Distances shorten, hills flatten and the experience becomes uniquely you, ride by ride. The iconic red hub contains a custom motor, control systems, battery and smart sensors that measure and respond to your natural biking style, giving you the right boost at the right time.

Adding the Copehagen Wheel to your favorite PUBLIC single-speed forgoes multiple gears in favor of a simple and efficient single-speed drive train with ideal gearing that can conquer just about an hill from San Francisco to Seattle.

Control your ride from your smartphone. Choose from Turbo, Standard, Eco or Exercise mode for a customizable rider experience. PUBLIC Copenhagen Wheel e-bikes provide assist power up to 25MPH with a range of 30 miles on a full charge depending on your riding conditions.

More features riders love:


Slowdown at stop sign, safely ride down hills, and regulate speed in traffic, just be back pedaling. The wheel brakes and captures energy, recharging the battery.


The Copenhagen Wheel provides proactive protection that monitors riding conditions and responds to event so that wheel protects itself in real-time.


One less key to worry about. Your smartphone is the digital key for your Copenhagen Wheel. iOS or Android device is required.


  • Motor: 350 Watts

  • Speed: 25MPH

  • Range:Up to 30 miles

  • Battery: 48 V 279 wh Li-Ion

  • Battery Life: 1000 charge cycles; 2 hours (80%); 4 hours (100%)

  • Hub Weight: 16.8lbs

  • Bicycle Divetrain: Single gear Shimano/SRAM compatible

  • Bicycle Dropout Space: 120mm single-speed

  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooh Low Energy

  • Smartphone OS: iOS, Androud - Required