Orca M11 LTD 202 OMR - 2017

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Orbea keeps pushing the envelope on what is possible. This Orbea Orca OMR is the pro racer model, so light, 727g for the frame, 315g for the folk, that the riders on the Cofidis pro cycling team add weight to the bike to keep it UCI-legal. Light is the calling card, but a single ride will demonstrate how Orbea has balanced weight with aerodynamics and stiffness to make a bike with a great ride. OMR is the mix of carbon-fiber utilized here. It stands for Orbea Monocoque Racing. It's the lightest, stiffest, most-expensive stuff. As they've been making the frame lighter, they're also pulling out new frame shapes and improving the ply mix to keep the weight going down and the stiffness up. Compared to the 2015 iteration, this Orca OMR has .5mm less lateral deflection at the bottom bracket for greater drivetrain efficiency. Likewise, the fork has been reshaped to be 26% laterally stiffer for better tracking in turns. Fork stiffness is also attributable to the tapered steerer, starting with the standard 1 1/8" diameter and moving out to 1 1/2" at the fork crown. The fork has also been reshaped for better aerodynamics. The legs stay wide for longer, and the crown integrates with the down and head tube juncture to reduce surface area and aero drag. The width helps the wheels spin with less turbulence and the crown smoothes the air flow as it passes the frame. This results in a power savings of four watts at 40kph. The rest of the bike has been built for riding comfort. The flattened top tube and pencil-thin seat stays aid in vertical compliance, while the semi-compact rear end and round 27.2mm seatpost mean the post is also damping road vibration. The post itself is fixed with a nifty hidden clamp design, which certainly looks sleek, if not an aero aid. The bottom bracket standard utilized is BB386 EVO. The wide, oversized shape helps with stiffness, as well as allowing compatibility with most cranks. It also, along with the new fork shape, helps you fit wide tires, up to 28mm on wheels installed on this frame. When sizing up with Orca OMR is the right one for you, take a good look at the progression from one size to the next. Orbea has dialed in the dimensions so that there's an even increase from size-to-size, and even the trail is tweaked through the run. The Orbea Orca OMR is fast out of the blocks, and the ride goes strong no matter how fast you go nor how rough you handle it.